Back-to-work essentials: our edit

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Back to work style for men

It's that time of year - the summer holidays and frolics are over, days are getting shorter and dare I say it, people are starting to whisper about Christmas.

But, September with its new season, also brings that 'back to school' thrill we used to relish, along with a fresh new uniform and new ideas, projects and objectives.

Whether you are simply updating your wardrobe, want to look your best for a job interview, or are looking to make the right first impression at clients' meetings, refresh your workwear wardrobe and elevate your work attire.Put your best self forward with our selection of stylish accessories that add personality to your outfits. It's all in the details.

With fresh new finds and best-sellers, d
iscover our full back-to-work edit:

6 A C C E S S O R I E S   T O   G E T   B A C K   T O   W O R K   I N   S T Y L E 
 F R O M   6   B R A N D S   T H A T   M E A N   B U S I N E S S

Emily Carter terracotta butterfly tie
Emily Carter
Intricate freehand drawings
Made in the UK

Tom Pigeon mix and match blue cufflinks
Cufflinks inspired by modernist design
Handmade in the UK

London Sock Company blue houndstooth socks
London Sock Company
Socks to get you noticed (for the right reasons)
Elegance and self-assured style

Eleonora de Rossi
Art in your pocket
Made in the UK

Do Lead Book
The Do Book Company
Handy guides to inspire and guide you

Dalgado Alvaro black leather belt
Stylish, quality belts to finish off your outfit
Handmade in Germany

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