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Peper Harow socks for men made in England

Peper Harow

Est. 2013 - London

"We believe that individuality links directly to a person's character – to distinguish yourself from others.[...] Every man is individual, but for us, etiquette is any form is respect, manners and substance of sincerity."

- Peper Harow

Peper Harow is a quintessentially British brand of socks made in England. We find out about their commitment to sustainability, what makes their socks so luxurious and their tips for modern gentlemen.

Jeya Narrative: Let’s start at the beginning. Could you please introduce Peper Harow, tell us where the name comes from and how the brand started?

Peper Harow: Founded in 2013, Peper Harow London is a quintessentially British brand supplying customers across the globe with the highest quality socks, luxury accessories and exquisite gifts. Our designs are unique, fashionable and created to compliment the modern lifestyle of both men and women.

What does the brand stand for and what is its mission statement?

Providing the finest quality socks to our customers, supporting our local community with our sustainable production. 

Peper Harow | Luxury socks made in England

What makes the designs of your socks so appealing to the modern gentleman?

We try to not only look at the current trends of the season but refer to quintessentially English design when producing our socks as well. We only use the highest quality of yarn in our production which guarantees that you experience the finest quality. 

How would you say your socks embody the spirit of Englishness?

We are stronger together as a United Kingdom and that essential strength comes from our ability to embrace multiple identities. We endeavour to mirror this in our collections.

All your socks are made in England. Why is this so important to your vision? Would you agree there is currently a push for a revival of the British textile industry?

Yes, we would agree, however there is a much stronger push for sustainable fashion, for equal opportunities in the workplace and high workplace standards. This is what we strive for at Peper Harow. Our offices and manufacturing departments are all under the same roof, so that we can ensure a quality of vision and build a strong team.

A pair of socks is one the most basic item of clothing in anybody’s wardrobe, yet is actually quite complex to produce. Can you describe the processes involved?

Knitting technician first designs a program into our specialist machines, the high quality yarns are then threaded up and socks are produced. Each individual sock is quality checked all the way along each process. The socks are then washed, dried, boarded and folded, finally brand over riders are attached.

Peper Harow pinstripe socks for men
Peper Harow pinstripe socks for men | Made in England
Your socks are made from mercerised cotton and Pima cotton. What are the main differences between the two types of yarn and why have you chosen to work specifically with these materials?

Our super soft Pima cotton is considered to be one of the superior blends of cotton and extremely durable and absorbent. Our beautiful mercerised cotton has an increase in luster, strength, affinity to dye and a resistance to mildew. 

You work hard to make your factory and products as sustainable as possible. Why is sustainability so important to you and how do you minimise your environmental impact?

Is it so important, we only have one planet and we need to take care of it. The fashion industry currently has a negative impact on the environment. We want to negate our impact. All of our waste is recycled and we have solar panels on our roof that allows us to reduce our energy consumption from conventional power plants by 20%, also reducing our carbon footprint considerably.

Your socks are a unique one-size fits all which can be a little daunting at first. Can you tell us how you achieve this and perhaps give us some tips on how this will impact the fit at different sizes?

Each sock design goes through vigorous testing before it is put into production to ensure that no matter the size of your foot you will still experience the full quality of the sock and its design. We achieve this by using a high quality elastic in our manufacturing process.

Do you think there has been a shift in what people look for in garments and accessories in recent years?

Yes, we believe people are much more aware now than they have ever been in terms of where their fashion comes from: Where was it made? Is it sustainable? Is it made from man made or natural fibres?  

Peper Harow pinstrip socks

What does the concept ‘individuality’ mean to you?

We believe that individuality links directly to a person's character – to distinguish yourself from others. 

What is the most quintessentially dapper accessory every gentleman should have in their wardrobe?

Socks of course!!

In your opinion, what are the golden rules to a man’s etiquette?

Goodness! Every man is individual, but for us, etiquette is any form is respect, manners and substance of sincerity.


Place you call home: The south of England 
A colour: Green 

A movie or book: James Bond
A sound:Classical music
A place: A flower garden   
Favourite designer: 
At the moment – Tom Ford
Style icon(s):Vivienne Westwood
Go-to accessory to dress to impress:Socks!
Most coveted item in your wardrobe:A scarf knitted by my mother
Favourite tool to work with:My pen and paper – always jotting down ideas!
Favourite inspirational quotes: A winner is a dreamer who never gives up
Why Jeya Narrative? We feel that Jeya Narrative already understands our gentleman and collaborating will be a great fit. 

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