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Spring is upon us and with it comes the many invitations to summer weddings. And the first question is always, without a doubt, “what do I wear?”.

Be it the invite you have long awaited for to be able to wear a stand-out purchase or the dread of having to conform to a specific dress code, we’re here to help.

Weddings are a celebration of love and friendship of course, and the best occasions for you to look and feel your best. The memories (and matching photos) will be relived again and again so it’s important you feel comfortable and confident in what you wear.

Weddings are the perfect occasions to experiment with your accessories and add some panache and a little sartorial flair to your outfit. Whilst you don't want to outshine the groom himself, you should aim to be a close second.

Dress codes will always depend on a wedding’s theme. Here is our advice on what is de rigueur,  based on the most popular weddings themes:

How to accessorise at weddings - Rock My WeddingSource/copyright

-  B L A C K   T I E  - 

The most traditional (but becoming less popular as people opt for slightly more relaxed dress codes), black tie is the most formal dress code (after only white tie). It is the easiest code to follow as the rules are rather strict and dress somewhat limited.

Black tie is all about looking suave and sophisticated, and 
calls for a tuxedo. The emphasis of a black tie dress is always on the dinner jacket, with contrasting fabric on the lapels, and preferably peak lapels of course. Pair with black dress trousers, a crisp white shirt (typically with a wing tip collar) and a black bow tie of course. Accessorise to perfection with some stainless steel or silver cufflinks.


Pre-tied black bow tie Lauren VickersLV Made in England
Pre-tied black silk bow tie
Alice Made This Alexander steel cufflinks
Alice Made This
Edward stainless steel cufflinks

Yojo black ceramic bow tie
Black ceramic bow tie
Elliot Rhodes Black diamond indent cordovan leather beltElliot Rhodes
Black cordovan leather belt

-  E L E G A N T  -

Timeless elegance is having a moment. From the return of the gentleman figure to the prominence of pleated trousers, classic elegance is ubiquitous.

Whilst staying relatively formal, this dress code allows you to add some texture with a burgundy velvet dinner jacket perhaps or a waistcoat. Prefer a navy or blue suit to black, which while remaining formal and stylish, is lighter and airier for summer weddings. Pair it with brown Oxford shoes or black tassel loafers. Add a little, albeit discreet, colour with your accessories.

Redki Robki round silver cufflinks
Redki Robki
Round silver cufflinks

London Sock Company simply sartorial burgundy socks
London Sock Company
Sartorial burgundy ribbed socks
Exclusive designer yellow and blue pocket squares
Maison J. 
Il Sole si Specchia pocket square
Emily Carter feather burgundy silk tie
Emily Carter
Burgundy feather silk tie

-  M O D E R N   R U S T I C  - 

Modern rustic has become the most popular wedding theme in recent years. Primarily used for outdoor celebrations, it blends soft hues such as dusky pink, sage and soft blue-greys with romantic lighting, strong floral decorations and a focus on a natural simplicity and a more 'handmade' look.

Modern rustic does not adhere to a specific dress code - which can be daunting. For an effortlessly elegant outfit, pair a smart trousers with a double breasted jacket, and add texture with accessories that blend in the colour scheme.

Lauren Vickers brown herringbone bow tie
LV Made in England
Brown herringbone bow tie
Emily Carter blue floral pocket square
Emily Carter
Blue floral pocket square
Awling Modernist brown olive green belt
Modernist brown and green belt
Katie Leamon wedding cards
Katie Leamon
Congratulations wedding cards

-  B O H E M I A N   C H I C  -

Bohemian chic is all about being cool and carefree - without looking dishevelled of course. From colourful socks to a brighter bow tie, and chinos to linen shirts, the relaxed code of boho chic weddings is a lot more forgiving and is perfect to inject some personality into your outfit.

Avoid wearing a tie - which is more formal and may be quite restrictive in the summer heat - prefer a striking pocket square for that pop of colour instead.

London Sock Company spot of style bordeaux socksLondon Sock Company
Spot of style bordeaux socks
Rory Hutton Simla exclusive pocket square
Maison J.
Rory Hutton Simla pocket square
Rory Hutton Burma blue linen bow tie
Rory Hutton
Burma blue linen bow tie
Exclusive designer pocket square
Maison J.
Visione Rosa pocket square


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