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"You must look perfectly happy and relaxed in your clothes which must appear part of you rather than a wardrobe you have donned."

- Hardy Amies, ABC to Men's Fashion


Take inspiration from modern-day style icons and embrace timeless style. 



The pocket square

Known primarily for his clean, casual attire, much can be learnt from Steve McQueen’s style. He knew how to blend masculinity with elegance and embraced three-piece suits, accessorised to perfection with a natural, messy pocket square of course.


The cufflinks

The stylish master of monochrome tuxedos famously enjoys wearing French cuffed shirts. Feel a little more Ford by adding cufflinks by Alice Made This or Tom Pigeon to your outfit.


The bow tie

The forefather of menswear as we know it, George 'Beau' Brummell famously substituted baroque, near-grotesque breeches of the time with simpler tailoring, donning them with ambitiously knotted cravats.
For a little less extravagance, replace the cravat with a bow tie such as Rory Hutton’s flamboyant Manchuria, and perhaps even pair it with the matching pocket square



"For anybody to look good they need a sense of comfort and proportion."

- David Coggins, Man and Manners



The bow tie

Channel your inner 007 with a black bow tie, on and off the red carpet, and look so darn suave.

Self-tie silk black bow tie
Yojo Silk ceramic grey bow tie
Pre-tied silk black bow tie made in England
YOJO black ceramic bow tie


The leather belt

Style icon of the 1950s, and precursor of youth subcultures, James Dean’s cool and nonchalant style has been sought after ever since. 

Pair casual classics such as a white t-shirt and jeans and add a handmade leather belt to finish off your look.


The socks

Emulate the great British icon’s style with our selection of colourful and patterned socks. David Gandy epitomises the modern gentleman with his classic sartorial style, using smaller details, such as socks, to showcase his own personality.


The pocket square

Embodying sophistication and effortless style, Bogart focused greatly on details. Dressed to the nines for any occasion, he enjoyed sporting double breasted suits and adding a little panache and personality to his outfits by addition of a bow tie, a lapel pin or a pocket square.
Humphrey Bogart style icon
Source: Pinterest
Designer silk pocket squares

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