British Textile heritage

The factory of the world: Great Britain’s textile heritage

5 min read

Historically, dressing well undeniably starts with the ability to make clothing, and the British people certainly does know how to do that very well. As the very first British Textile Biennial goes underway, we look at Britain's incredible heritage in garment-making and craftsmanship and how it influenced the style of the British man.
British craftsmanship with Awling

British craftsmanship: the national unsung hero

4 min read

Makers are our past and our future. The passion and skills of makers, and talent in general, is at the core of Jeya Narrative’s vision. With Brexit looming firmly over us, we are in a wonderful time of introspection as a country - and we are rekindling with our past and valuing British craftsmanship once more.
Peper Harow socks for men made in England

In conversation with: Peper Harow

4 min read

Peper Harow is a quintessentially British brand of socks made in the south of England. We find out about their commitment to sustainability, what makes their socks so luxurious and their tips for modern gentlemen.

In conversation with Redki Robki

In conversation with: Redki Robki

5 min read

We asked a few questions to Redki Robki. Launched in 2016, they specialise in minimalist, modular jewellery that mix high quality materials with texture.  Read the full interview to better understand the incredible craft involved in making their minimalist cufflinks, and why Berlin was the obvious place for them to start their business.
Emily Carter | Men's accessories made in England

In conversation with: Emily Carter

6 min read

From her love for the natural world to Matisse, Emily Carter talks to us about the inspiration behind her original illustrations as well as the importance for businesses to lead the way and support local, sustainable manufacturing.
Yojo Limited | Working with ceramic

In conversation with: YOJO

8 min read

A fascinating interview with YOJO's Creative Director Joe Sorrentino. He talks about the inspiration behind the brand, using ceramic as his material of choice, his commitment to sustainability and his desire to design accessories that tell the world how remarkable and individual we all are.

Dalgado | Belts for men

In conversation with: Dalgado

7 min read

Dalgado's co-founder Jan Jülicher tells us about how the brand is devoted to sustainability and craftsmanship and how it is inherently rooted in the greater movement for higher quality, timeless goods. "Be your own person" he advices, and he also explains how manners are the essence of a true modern gentleman.
Before Breakfast stationery

In conversation with: Before Breakfast

4 min read

In conversation with Nicki Shen, founder of Before Breakfast. She tells us how and why she launched a stationery business, the principles behind risograph printing, and how stationery has become a lifestyle accessory that help us complement our own personal style.

Tom Pigeon - Solid silver cufflinks made in the UK

In conversation with: Tom Pigeon

4 min read

10 questions for Kirsty Thomas, Co-founder of design studio Tom Pigeon, which is based in the East Coast of Scotland. She talks Charles Eames, brutalist architecture and sailing boats.


Rory Hutton | Linen bow ties and silk pocket squares

In conversation with: Rory Hutton

4 min read

Rory Hutton talks to Jeya Narrative about his eponymous label, his love for drawing and strong personalities, and the importance of UK manufacturing. He also shares a few pages from his sketchbook and his tips for self-confidence.
Katie Leamon

In conversation with: Katie Leamon

5 min read

Katie Leamon tells us all about her eponymous label, her love for stationery, and shares her key tips for self-confidence.

LV Made In England | Making of a bow tie

In conversation with: LV Made in England

5 min read

Founder Lauren Vickers speaks to Jeya Narrative about her label LV Made in England and how it came to be. She also talks dapper style, how men can make a sartorial impact, and shares with us the best advice her dad ever gave her.

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