Established in: 2017
Designed in: England
Manufactured in: England

Handmade leather belts
Inspired by architecture
Traditional techniques meet modern aesthetics

Awling’s Founder Chris applies principles found in architecture such as functionality, proportion and above all purpose and context to the often-neglected accessory that are belts. Far more than simply the mere designing of buildings, architecture creates shared spaces where people can express themselves.

This philosophy is key to Awling’s handmade leather belts. Just like any piece of clothing we wear or indeed any item we surround ourselves with, Awling’s belts reflect upon us as individuals and tell of our journey so far and of our future aspirations.

When striped back to its very essence where every detail is considered, simple-looking design is often the most complex to devise. Such is the primary rule of good design, and of Awling.

"Crafted products are more than just functional – they say something about our humanity. For each step of a production process there is the story of someone’s dedication and mastery of a skill. There is intimate understanding of materials, tools and processes, and how to create something useful and beautiful with those inconstant elements."
- Chris Goldstraw, Founder