Banvard & James

Founded in 2013 by brothers Toby and Alex, Banvard & James is a British luxury men’s accessory brand that combines sartorial heritage, craftsmanship and style.

The brand adds a subtle touch of colourful European flair to British classics as a way to express individuality and exude sophistication.

They work with British and Western European factories only, promoting and supporting local manufacturing and talent.

Established in: 2013
Designed in: 

Manufactured in: UK & Western Europe

Luxury men's accessories
British design with European flair
Finest raw materials

Read our interview with Co-founder Alex on the Notebook.

"Accessories are the perfect way to mix up and completely change a look without having to invest in lots of new clothing.[..] People are buying less but buying ‘well’. Everyone loves the opportunity to try new things and ‘dressing up’." 
- Alex, Co-Founder Banvard & James

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