Before Breakfast

Before Breakfast is a design and riso print studio based in London, creating contemporary and handcrafted stationery for everyday practical use.

Founded by Nicki Shen in 2016, the brand seeks to help organise workloads and to-do-lists and boost productivity, all the while making it more fun to keep track of progress.

The complete Before Breakfast range is printed using soy-based inks on risograph printers in-house.

Established in: 2016
Designed in: 
London, UK

Manufactured in: London, UK

Contemporary stationery
Handmade in London, UK
Printed on risograph

"Whenever I use good stationery that is to my liking it gives me a great deal of inspiration to design; I do not think of it simply as a tool, but also as an object of desire that triggers that creative part of the mind.
I suppose it led me to want to create stationery that can hopefully inspire others as well!" 
- Nicki Shen, Founder