Elliot Rhodes

Elliot Rhodes | Handmade leather belts

Established in: 2003
Designed in: UK
Manufactured in: Spain

Premium leather belts
Elevating belts to an essential accessory
Handmade in Spain


"I do not want to tell people what to wear, I want to help them discover their own individuality and to express this through their belt." - Justin Rhodes, Founder Elliot Rhodes 

Elliot Rhodes was founded with a single mission: to elevate belts from an afterthought to an accessory that showcases one’s individuality and style. A true pioneer in its category, Elliot Rhodes redefined belts and their place in men’s wardrobes, offering style, choice and a unique retail concept focusing on this often-neglected, yet very functional, product.

Elliot Rhodes belts are handmade by craftsmen in family-owned factories in Andalusia, Spain, using traditional methods. The attention to detail is second to none and their care and passion for creating premium goods is noticeable at every step.