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E.D.R. Creations

E.D.R Creations x Jeya Narrative pocket square: 'Il sole si specchia'

E.D.R. Creations x Jeya Narrative

Exclusive to Jeya Narrative, this 'Il sole si specchia' pocket square is part of our limited edition collection designed in collaboration with artist Eleonora de Rossi.

This stunning yellow, blue and white pocket square features Eleonora's 'Il sole si specchia' painting, complemented by a pin polka and dark blue frame, finished by a luxurious hand-roll. A wearable piece of art to add panache to any outfit.

Part of Eleonora's 'Joy' collection, this painting's strong texture and brushstrokes display emotional and chromatic intensity for the viewer and wearer to feel. 

I'm a strong believer of creating a relationship between the artist, his paint and the observer.. this is what makes the opera! Art is light, dark and emotional at the same time. You don't have to get lost in the details; the emotive touch must be immediate without second thoughts or adjustments, the brush shall follows its way and never get back: what it means it's vibrating!” - Eleonora de Rossi

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Made in the UK.

  • 100% silk pocket square
    Main colours: 
    blues, yellow
    Dry clean only
    Printed and hand-rolled in England
    Limited edition

    Original painting: 100x80cm

  • Born in Italy in 1982, Eleonora de Rossi grew up in a creative environment and started painting from a young age. After studying in Economics and Management and working for the Bank of England, she decided to rekindle with her earlier passion.

    A truly passionate and determined person, Eleonora is fascinated by the sky and portrays its grandeur and energy through brushstrokes and colour.

    Her travelling of the world provides her with an unlimited flow of inspiration which she enjoys exploring. A harmony of colour, light, movement and emotion, her abstract paintings depict a visual narrative for the viewer to explore and get lost in.

    Eleonora is renowned for her large-scale artwork across the globe. She has exhibited throughout Italy, Australia, the USA and most recently le Louvre in solo and group exhibitions.

    To see her works at upcoming exhibitions, visit her website.

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