Land Chocolate

Established in: 2016
Manufactured in: London, UK

Bean-to-bar chocolate
Single origin and single bean
Handmade in London, UK

Find out more about Phil Lander's incredible
LAND Chocolate in this Design Milk's video.

Launched in 2016 by Phil Landers, Land Chocolate, a range of single origin and single bean chocolate bars, is fast becoming a regular feature amongst the best artisan and bean-to-bar chocolate makers out there. 

His award-winning East London business is the result of years of learning and practice alongside the great masters of the chocolate art, Paul A. Young and Mast, where he refined his skills for two-and-a-half years before starting his own brand.

From roasting the beans, to winnowing, grinding, cinching and wrapping, Phil single-handedly looks after every process involved in his workshop in Bethnal Green, London.