London Sock Co.

London Sock Co

Established in: 2013
Designed in: London, UK
Manufactured in: UK & Portugal

British heritage design
High quality raw materials
Exceptional quality

“Our ambition is to capture this sense of assured style, sophistication and British heritage and make it relevant for today’s modern gentleman, with London’s first modern sock brand.”
- Dave & Ryan, co-founders, London Sock Company

Launched in 2013, the London Sock Company offers premium socks that are specifically designed for the modern gentleman, focusing on exceptional quality combined with British heritage design.

Co-founders Ryan and Dave’s mission is to turn the everyday, functional item that are the humble socks and elevate them as a medium to express personal style and individuality, and inspire self-confidence.

London Sock Co. use experienced sock-makers in both the UK and Portugal, which is renowned for its cotton-knitting skills.

Most of their styles are made with Scottish Lisle Cotton, also known as mercerised cotton, creating a stronger and tighter thread, in turn making the socks more durable.

Red, purple & mustard houndstooth socks £14.00
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Bordeaux spotted socks £15.00
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Grey houndstooth socks £14.00
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Blue houndstooth socks £14.00
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Orange houndstooth socks £14.00
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Bloomsbury orange socks £14.00
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Bloomsbury navy socks £14.00
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Navy spotted socks £15.00
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Earl grey spotted socks £15.00
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Burgundy spotted socks £15.00
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Style that empowers. Join in.

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