Smith & Sinclair

Bold and revolutionary, Smith & Sinclair epitomise the subversion of British culture. They break all conventions and occupy a niche of their own. Edible cocktails you say? It is exactly that, a confectionary that tastes like a cocktail.

Launched originally as alternative board game dating nights, Smith & Sinclair soon found a loyal following for their innovative product - a delectable cocktail in a pastille format. But their brand is much more than edible cocktails, their passion lies in creating interactive, playful experiences themed around alcohol, in various formats such as air, bubbles, vapours.

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Smith & Sinclair Instagram
Check out their Instagram for their surrealist collages. 

Established in: 2014
R&D: London, UK
Manufactured in: London, UK

Cocktail-inspired pastilles
Playful and innovative product
Perfect gift for dinner hosts

"Because being an adult is monotonous and we wanted to create a range of products which are fun, socially engaging and experiential to shop – break being an adult for a second." 
- Melanie Goldsmith, Co-Founder, Smith & Sinclair

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