The City Works

The City Works - Founders Rowan & Sylvia

Established in: 2015
Designed in: Austria
Manufactured in: Austria

Debossed notebooks
Intricate cityscapes
Handmade in Vienna

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with Co-founder Rowan
on the Notebook

The City Works is the company of design duo Sylvia Moritz and Rowan Ottesen. Primarily an artist and printmaker, Sylvia wanted to apply city illustrations to new ideas and forms. Her intricate works depict cityscapes from around the world in meticulous detail.

The focus on cities allows their customers to relive memories of the places and landmarks where they live, have visited, or still dream of seeing.

We aspire to make beautiful mementos about places around the world, that live long in the memory, and last as long as the landmarks that they depict.” - Rowan Ottesen, co-founder The City Works