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Dalgado size guide: Handmade leather belts

Belt size Hip size (cm) Hip size (in)
70/28 65-75 cm 26-30 in
75/30 70-80 cm 28-32 in
80/32 75-85 cm 30-34 in
85/34 80-90 cm 32-36 in
90/36 85-95 cm 34-38 in
95/38 90-100 cm 36-40 in
100/40 95-105 cm 38-42 in
105/42 100-110 cm 40-44 in
110/44 105-115 cm 42-46 in
115/46 110-120 cm 44-48 in
120/48 115-125 cm 46-50 in

How to measure a belt size:

In order to determine your hip size, thread a flexible tape measure through the belt loops of your pants and mark the spot where the tape reaches around your hips exactly one time. Then, identify which range your hip size falls into and the chart will tell you your ideal belt size. You have the option to push the thorn through 5 holes. Ideally, the thorn is pushed through the middle hole to ensure that the belt is neither too long nor too short. Additionally, you can affix the belt wherever needed with the adjustable extra belt loop.

Usually belt sizes are measured from the inner end of the buckle to the middle hole (as shown in the drawing below). You can determine the belt length by adding 15cm/6in to the belt size.

Dalgado | Size guide for classic leather belts