Elliot Rhodes leather belts size guide

Belt size Fits waist size
Size 80 28-30" / 75-80 cm
Size 85 30-32" / 80-85 cm
Size 90 32-34" / 85-90 cm
Size 95 34-36" / 90-95 cm
Size 100 36-38" / 95-100 cm
Size 105 38-40" / 100-105 cm
Size 110 40-42" / 105-110 cm
Size 115 42-44" / 110-115 cm
Size 120 44-46" / 115-120cm 

All Elliot Rhodes belts are cut-to-order, and can accommodate waist sizes from 24” to 46” giving you greater flexibility.

To ensure you order the right size for your Elliot Rhodes belt, please follow the guidelines below:

To choose your size based on an existing belt simply, take a tape measure and follow the steps below:

 1. Take the belt that fits you best and measure in centimetres the whole leather length.

2. From this measurement simply subtract 15cm. This is your actual waist size and therefore the size you need to order. For example if your existing belt measurement is 100cm end to end you need to order Size 85. 

If your current belt (the one you measured) is currently either too short or too long for you then add or subtract some length accordingly.

If your size is not listed or if you need an “in-between” size simply leave a note under “Order notes” in your shopping basket and we can accommodate it.For instance, if your current belt measures 102cm end-to-end, after subtracting 15cm you will be left with 87cm, so just put that you would like a belt size 87cm.

Elliot Rhodes belts come with three holes as standard, positioned at a distance of 15cm, 17.5cm and 20cm away from the tip. For Internet orders by default we also punch an extra hole for greater size flexibility.