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Launched in 2018, Jeya Narrative caters specifically for men who are discerning in their style and choices. All brands, products and editorial content are curated to be in keeping with the discerning man’s five core principles: individuality, relationships, greater than the self, experiences and value.

Working with emerging British and European designers and brands, Jeya Narrative offers design-led accessories and lifestyle gifts that are curated for theirquality, craftsmanship and style.

The brand’s mission is to inspire to greater, by encouraging individuality and promoting self-actualisation, empowering the discerning man to be confident in his style, his choices, and in himself. That way, he can spend less time searching for the accessory or gift that will set him apart,and more time looking and being his best.

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There are four key pillars to Jeya Narrative:

1. The discerning man
Jeya Narrative is designed solely for the gratification and self-development of the discerning man through style. He wants to look good, feel good and make an impact.
We look at the discerning man from a broad point of view to create a bespoke concept store of affordable products and experiences that are specifically curated for him, without ever compromising on his five core principles: individuality, relationships, greater than the self, experiences and value.

2. A focus on quality and craftsmanship
Working almost exclusively with British and European brands, Jeya Narrative celebrates and promotes local craftsmanship, blending traditional techniques with innovative thinking.
Our accent is on quality classics that have functionality and style at their core. Combining high quality raw materials with well thought-out design, they redefine the concept of affordable luxury.

3. A platform for emerging brands 
It is essential for us to believe in our designers and their products, to understand their inspiration and the manufacturing processes involved, and to forge personal relationships with them.
Jeya Narrative is a showcase of emerging brands and designers, their talent, and passion for quality and craftsmanship.

4. A greater mission: To inspire to greater
We want to empower men through style by promoting individuality and self-development.
Through collaboration and self-empowerment, we can all become the best version of ourselves. 
Jeya Narrative is a movement - we wish for it to become a community, a catalyst for dialogue and inspiration.

As a species, we evolve and develop ourselves by working together and supporting each other. Relationships are inherent to the human condition. Creativity and individuality should be celebrated and shared, as they help develop our world and advance our thinking. People make the world go forward.