Jeya Narrative solves a problem

Time is the most precious commodity to the discerning man, and he always wishes he had more.

In a digital world with information overload, the discerning man often struggles to navigate the abundant choices offered to him in a very short space of time.

With mass-market products on the one hand, and high-end goods that often feel too extravagant on the other, he is looking for an alternative that would provide him with affordable luxury items that do not compromise on quality.

With a busy schedule - working hard, socialising and travelling, the discerning man needs a platform that will allow him to find goods and ideas that complement his personality and make him stand out, quickly and effortlessly.

He feels alienated from a hyper-consumer society.

The discerning man buys with purpose, questioning the impact of his actions on the individual, social and natural environments. In spite of his noble intentions, the choices found within his available time are often limited or overpriced.

He also feels misunderstood. Jeya Narrative challenges convention and has as its sole purpose to cater for the discerning man, to give him the means to develop and express himself by nurturing his individuality.

Mustard bow tie | Made in the UK
Yellow and green pocket square


We look at the discerning man from a broad point of view to create a bespoke concept store of affordable products and experiences that are specifically curated for him, without ever compromising on his five core principles.

Style that empowers. Join in.

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