Our vision

The three building blocks of Jeya Narrative

What's in a name?

- JEYA - 

The word ‘Jeya’, meaning ‘Victory’ in Tamil, epitomises our mission statement. Every designer and product has its own story, and it is through these stories and collaboration that we achieve victory. Be it finding the perfect gift for a loved one, enjoying a sunny weekend or making something by hand, we want to celebrate life’s small victories that help us become our best self.


Jeya Narrative is a story built upon a multitude of stories, talents, brands and chapters. Key to its vision is also to empower the discerning man through style, and help him shape his story, his own narrative.

Our vision: To inspire to greater

At Jeya Narrative, we have a bold mission: to inspire to greater.  Through collaboration and self-empowerment, we can all become the best version of ourselves.
Jeya Narrative is a movement - we wish for it to become a community, a catalyst for dialogue and inspiration.


Be inspired not just by the products you hold and cherish but by the skills behind them, the stories they tell. Be inspired by the minds that have nurtured the ideas, what they read, how they think.

Be inspired to victory in your own way, to collaborate and to create.


We do not all have the same vision or ambition. It does not mean that one is lesser than the other, they are simply different.

In whatever way we wish to improve ourselves and our life, we can do so with the help of others around us, as they enrich our opinions and perspectives. Thus lies the power of collaboration. 

Why does it matter?

Consumption is inevitable within our society but the way we consume is changing and becoming more conscious, empathetic and sustainable. The future is in the community, on rekindling meaningful relationships, and experiences. Jeya Narrative seeks to create a community of makers, thinkers and wearers united by a single mission.

Jeya Narrative believes in people and the positive impact we can make. We want to nurture and promote the innate talent within each and every one of us.

The company was born out of a fascination for people, their passions and aspirations. As a species, we evolve and develop ourselves by working together and supporting each other. Relationships are inherent to the human condition. Creativity and individuality should be celebrated and shared, as they help develop our world and advance our thinking.

People are what makes the world go forward. It's time to create your own narrative.