Fabiano blue elasticated wool belt

Size guide
Dalgado size guide: Braided and wool belts
Belt size Belt length Hip size
S 98.5 cm
38.5 in
78-88 cm
30.5-34.5 in
M 108.5 cm
42.5 in
88-98 cm
34.5-38.5 in
L 118.5cm
46.5 in
98-108 cm
38.5-42.5 in
XL 128.5 cm
50.5 in
42.5-46.5 in

How to measure a belt size:

In order to determine your hip size, thread a flexible tape measure through the belt loops of your pants and mark the spot where the tape reaches around your hips exactly one time. Identify which range your hip size falls into and the chart will tell you your ideal belt size. For braided belts you’ll have the option to push the thorn through any position, as there are no predefined holes. The ranges are our recommendation to ensure that the belt is neither too long nor too short. 

Usually belt sizes are measured from the inner end of the buckle to the middle hole (as shown in the drawing below). Since braided belts, in contrast to classic belts, don’t have any predefined holes, the holes in our drawing serve as a visual aid to highlight the recommended area through which to push the thorn.

Dalgado | Size guide for braided belts


Dalgado's elasticated wool belts combine style with comfort thanks to their adjustable size. 

The Fabiano blue wool belt from Dalgado is made from a combination of innovative elastic wool, smooth vegetable-tanned leather and a silver buckle made of solid brass, for the ultimate sophisticated look. The dark blue mixes well with other dark tones.

Showcase your individuality with this luxury blue wool belt designed for durability, all the while supporting craftsmanship and the quest for quality.

Made in Italy.

Every pair of Dalgado belt comes presented in a high-quality box. 

FREE UK delivery.

Also available in brown and grey.

  • Premium men’s belt in elasticated wool, blue
    Belt made in Italy
    Solid brass buckle made in Italy
    Dark blue vegetable-tanned leather finishes
    Adjustable in size

    Due to the way this belt is crafted, its tip is a bit thicker and therefore best suited for trousers which don’t have very tight loops.

    The Fabiano wool belt can be stretched up to 20cm, allowing for a better fit and greater comfort.
    For more information on which size to order, consult the ‘Size chart’ above.

    Make sure to clean any surface stains as quickly as possible, before the stain has time to set.
    Rinse the dirty spots with cold water and dab them dry with a clean cloth.

    Keep in a dry place, away direct from direct sunshine.
    Store your belts by hanging them; do not roll them.

  • Dalgado is engineered for the modern discerning consumer who demands a combination of style excellence, craftsmanship and sustainability. Established in 2017 by two brothers, Dalgado wants to give belts their deserving place in menswear as a statement accessory that showcases individuality.

    Inspired by minimalism, Dalgado works with revered artisans in Germany and Italy to create premium leather belts that will stand the test of time.

    "Men’s accessories are much more limited in its variety than their female counterpart. All the more important is the quality and design of the few kinds of accessories available to men.Despite being one of the most common accessories, belts have always been seen more as a functional side product rather than an accessory capable of making a style statement.We want to change that notion and turn belts into the relevant accessory it should be."
    - Dalgado

    View the full collection from Dalgado.
    Read our interview with co-founder Jan on the Notebook.

  • Dalgado belts will be shipped directly from the supplier in Germany with DHL. Orders will be dispatched within 2 working days
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    All deliveries will require a signature upon delivery. 
    Delivery to a PO Box or packing station is not possible. 

    Dalgado offers a 14-day return policy. Should you wish to return (part of) your order, please email support[at]jeyanarrative.com in the first instance for further instructions.

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