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Furious Goose

Blue and orange wool Neptune pocket square

A bright and vibrant pocket square full of scientific facts, the Neptune pocket square from Furious Goose will be show-stopper for sure.

The pocket square very aptly depicts Neptune’s deep blue atmosphere, the gas giant’s alternating bands created by striated atmospheric systems, as well as gigantic storms that create the ‘great spots’.

Whilst the blue is rather versatile, the orange background gives this pocket square its personality. Pair the Neptune pocket square with an orange tie and a navy suit for a style-savvy attire.

Neptune’s bright colour makes it the perfect pocket square to make an entrance wherever you go and showcase a little individuality. The typographic hem is inscribed with planetary data for the ultimate in geek chic.

Fun trivia: Some of Neptune’s wind speeds are as high as 2,100km/h – almost twice the speed of sound!


Fascinating for rakes and wannabe astronomers alike, the Planets collection from Furious Goose is an ode to our solar system. Feel the power and energy of our neighbouring planets and wonder about the deep space around us with these stylish conversation-starters. Discover the Planets collection from Furious Goose.

Made in the UK.

  • 100% merino wool pocket square
    Main colours: blue and orange
    42 x 42cm
    Dry clean only
    Hemmed by hand in England 

  • Furious Goose creates accessories that blend luxury with a touch of British eccentricity.

    All the pocket squares are digitally printed in the UK, and finished with a hand rolled hem. The resulting prints are sharp, modern and vibrant in colour.

    Furious Goose promotes bold attitude and self confidence, and celebrates your individuality - a perfect match for Jeya Narrative.

    Discover Furious Goose's fascinating and wondrous Planets collection.

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