Craquelé ceramic bow tie

Exclusive to Jeya Narrative, this is a sumptuous white ceramic bow tie with a craquelé pattern. This is a one-off piece, making it perfect to own an accessory that is truly unique and individual. Make it yours.

With their signature piece, YOJO reinvented the bow tie as we know it, blending an ancient material, ceramic, with silk. Ceramic is one of the most resistant material, and the bow tie remains very light and wearable.

The white craquelé ceramic bow tie would be p
erfect to make a statement at a white tie event or stand out at a wedding.

Be part of a greater movement where sustainability is at the forefront of fashion, all the while being a creative expression of your individuality.

Handmade in Italy.

Discover the range from YOJO.

  • White bow tie with a craquelé pattern, made with ceramic and silk
    Fully adjustable
    Width: 10cm
    Height: 6 cm
    Weight: 30 grams
    Handmade in Italy

    Comes in a protective box.

  • Inspired by the love ceramic artisans have for their art as well as interior design, YOJO set out to re-design classic accessories with a twist. By bringing age-old ceramic into the world of fashion and combining it with silk, they devised a collection of minimalist accessories that are influenced by heritage and craftsmanship, yet is forward thinking. 

    They have a strong focus on sustainability and work hard to minimise their impact on the environment. Their experimental use of ceramic, a highly durable material that emanates from earth, helps them do just that.

    YOJO is an emerging brand with a voice, campaigning for change in the fashion industry by creating valuable alternatives for the next ethically-aware generations.

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